The offer includes: wedding photoshoot, walk, full-time reportage photography.

The cost of the working of a photographer depends on the duration and complexity of the shooting, the number of pictures in the post-processing.

Location for photo shooting: plain air (in the city or in the countryside), interior (apartment, hotel, villa complex, restaurant or home), studio or other location previously discussed.


The package includes:

200 $

•  Wedding photoshoot (walk)

•  3 hour of photo shooting

•  Post-processing of photos — 20 images

•  Color correction - up to 200 images

300 $

•  The formal ceremony and wedding photoshoot

•  5 hour of photo shooting

•  Post-processing of photos — 25 images

•  Color correction - up to 300 images

400 $

•  The formal ceremony and wedding photoshoot

•  8 hour of photo shooting

•  Post-processing of photos — 30 images

•  Color correction - up to 400 images

450 $

•  The formal ceremony and wedding photoshoot

•  10 hour of photo shooting

•  Post-processing of photos — 35 images

•  Color correction - up to 500 images

500 $

•  The formal ceremony and wedding photoshoot

•  12 hour of photo shooting

•  Post-processing of photos — 40 images

•  Color correction - up to 600 images

from 50 $

a photo book or print on canvas



Every package includes individual consultation and complete organization of shooting.

Shooting is performed in RAW + JPEG format. The customer gets only JPEG pictures. But the customer has an opportunity to fully buy all copyrights to photos from the shooting, while you get all pictures in RAW. In this case, the cost is discussed individually.


•  photo studio rental (10-25 $/hour, depending on location)

•  location rental: a cafe, restaurant, museum, gallery, club, hotel room, the beach, etc.

•  make-up artist and stylist services (cost of make-up - from 15 $, hairstyles - from 15 $)

•  shooting properties

•  entrance tickets and other costs

Finished product

It is transferred to the customer via the Internet. If necessary, all the material can be prepared on a DVD disc.


When ordering the shooting required a 30% deposit. The cancellation of the deposit is not refundable. Full payment is made at the end of the shooting.

Destination photography

In the case of shooting outside of Kyiv cost of services is increased by 20%. Also, the customer pays the costs of a transfer to the place of shooting and accommodation if necessary.


There is required from 1 to 3 weeks from the date of photography depending on the complexity and scope of the preparation of the results of the photoshoot

Additional product

•  Photobooks: the price depends on the design and the number of pages (from 30 $)

•  Canvas: the price depends on the size of the canvas (from 30$)

•  Additional retouching photos: from 5 $/picture


It includes color correction, skin processing, cropping, light, and shadow correction pattern, the correction of skin defects and shape, art retouching.

Image use

The copyright on the photos belongs to the photographer. Photographer reserves the right to use any photos were taken in their portfolio for non-commercial purposes: to publish on Internet and print media, to participate in presentations, exhibitions or competitions.


Complete confidentiality is possible photographing by agreement. In the case of refusal to publish the photos of the shooting cost increased by 50%.